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I use google all the time – both at the library and at home. But the new tips were great, some were new to me, loved the ‘better than’ one. I use google maps all the time, and find if I’m heading to a new place the street view makes it so much easier to know what to expect.
You’ve done a great job with Great8!


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I already had a wiki account since I’m on the customer service review committee, but it was good to see that one login and password gives access to more than one wiki. For the library, the ability to see other people’s comments and work is handy; kind of similar to google documents.

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Using IM

Ask Away was great, I had Nashville Ben who answered my question about Minnesota’s Senate race quickly and efficiently. BTW, I use IM a lot with my gmail account, it’s GR8! For quick questions that can be answered with online sources, IM is a good way to go. BFN

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another new thing to play with – I don’t think it will work with my ipod shuffle, I may have to put a full size ipod on my wishlist!

As for the library, I could see podcasts being very popular – both for listening to something that a patron missed, and info that is only available in podcasts.

It’s a brave new world out there – and now that I don’t have to check news sites many times a day to watch election news, I’ll have more time to learn!

November 12, 2008 at 7:04 pm 1 comment

adventure 4

believe it or not, I hadn’t used Consumer Checkbook online – it’s a useful source.

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This Youtube video is an Obama commercial, with music composed and played by Nick Block, a family friend of ours. Hope you enjoy the ad. Youtube is certainly addicting!

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Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France

Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France

Originally uploaded by Jeff Wignall

a highlight of our Loire Valley trip!

October 15, 2008 at 6:03 pm 6 comments

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